Next Wave Seafood, originally known as Bantry Bay Seafoods, a privately-owned company, was established in 1991 in Bantry, County Cork, Ireland. In fact, we were the largest grower, processor and exporter of frozen value-added shellfish in Ireland. We got our start by innovating (and patenting) an award–winning technique for processing shellfish. We take freshly harvested, top-quality mussels and clean, vacuum pack, and freeze them with all the natural juices retained inside the shell. This process enables mussels to be available 12 months of the year.

In 2000, we began selling mussels in the USA and actually created a whole, new category in the grocery store – frozen marinated mussels! For the first time ever, consumers could buy frozen mussels in the store, bring them home and make the kind of delicious meals that were only available in the finest restaurants. We expanded on this success by building a dedicated team to help create new recipes and new varieties, specifically for the U.S. market. 

It's always been tremendously important to us to use only natural ingredients in our food, the way you would. We never use any artificial colors, flavors, or additives of any kind! In just 5 minutes in the microwave, our mussels are as delicious and flavorful as any you'll ever enjoy.

In 2006, we partnered with Mascato, a leading Spanish seafood company. We did this to build and operate a brand-new mussel facility right next to the cold, clean waters of Southern Chile. At over 113,000 square feet, our Blue Shell plant is the largest mussel plant in Chile (and the only one with its own, on-site pier). This ensures the freshest product, straight from the sea to our processing plant.  We believe it gives us the most delicious, all natural, rope-grown mussels in the world! We no longer source our mussels from Ireland. 

We're fully vertically integrated, so we completely control everything from growing our mussels, to harvesting, processing, packing and distributing them. That guarantees that we have full traceability from seed to the product on your plate. Our Trademark is We Are The Source TM

In 2011 Bantry Bay Seafoods became Bantry Bay America Inc. Since then, we've been very pleased to be able to add exciting new items and flavors to our offering. In fact, we now offer such a diverse range of delicious, diverse and sustainable seafood products, "Bantry Bay" just doesn't describe us anymore. That's why our company name and brand is now The Next Wave Seafood. We have expanded our product offerings to become your value-added seafood source; providing delicious, sustainable, easy to cook nutritious seafood products that can be used for appetizers, snacks, and main courses. Mascato our parent company has ships and facilities across the world sourcing and processing the freshest possible seafood in a responsible manner and we are proud to offer it to you. Look for all our products at a retailer near you!